“Hello everyone. My name is George. Do you have something for me? No? Oh. I was rescued by my human, Alexis, almost 8 long years ago. After all this time, I still wiggle and jump really hard to see her come back from work. I love hikes and water. They help ease my FOMO and separation anxieties. I love living at ASH, because everyone makes food all day. I beg very well; my eyebrows help subtly ask, “Please?” I am also trying out this new thing where I drool. I have a very refined palette. I hate flies. I like my bowtie, which Alexis, my human, got for me at a Pride Parade. It is important to show solidarity against squirrels. Alexis is my human. I like to practice meditation like some of the ASH humans. My practice is to stand in front of people eating food in extreme focus. I prefer humans opening the door for me, rather than using the doggo door, and I will wait and beg accordingly, even though I can open doors myself. I do this to sneak food sometimes. Alexis is my human. Wait do you have something for me?”

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