Welcome to Animal Sanctuary House!

ASH Co-op is a housing cooperative in Boulder, Colorado. We are sanctuary for non-humans and a home for activists focused on animal issues. Our mission is to collectively build a constructive community centered around bringing awareness to animal issues and to create a model for how to give these special creatures the lives that they deserve to live. We strive to provide the animals we live with a safe and loving home where they can express themselves and relearn their natural behaviors.

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Beloved Community

We focus on supporting and connecting activists, normalizing compassion for all species, and fostering decisive Nonviolent action with a culture of mutual aid and personal growth.

Environmental Stewardship

We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our members, advocating a sustainable and socially just society and creating models for sustainable community living.


The ASH Co-op provides a sanctuary and home for human and non-human animals of all ages.