Welcome to Animal Sanctuary House!

ASH Co-op is a housing cooperative in Boulder, Colorado. We are oriented around creating a safe space for non-human animals and for humans who care deeply about them. Our mission is to cooperatively build a community centered around bringing awareness to animal issues and to create a model for how to give all creatures fulfilling lives. We strive to provide the animals we live with a safe and loving home where they can express themselves and relearn their natural behaviors.

We are committed to maintaining the co-op as an inclusive environment for all individuals, regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender, age, or species. A diverse group of humans live here including students, educators, activists, artists, meditators, and other professionals. We are an entirely vegan house and share common values of sustainability and anti-oppression of all forms. Our members value communication and cooperation with others in the community, and we have weekly meetings to make group decisions, discuss issues, and make plans.

We normally love hosting events such as potlucks, trainings, and game nights, however, due to COVID-19 we are temporarily putting a pause on guests. Follow us on Facebook to get notified when our next event is happening!

If you're interested in living with us feel free to fill out an application!

Beloved Community

We focus on supporting and connecting activists, fostering a culture of mutual aid and personal growth, and extending our compassion to include all beings, regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender, ability, class, or species.

Environmental Stewardship

We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our members, advocating a sustainable and socially just society and creating models for sustainable community living.


We provide a sanctuary and home for human and non-human animals of all ages. This means we intentionally create space so that everyone is able to express themselves, make mistakes, get their needs met, and feel safe.